Manager of a clothing store :
Keybook has permitted us to increase our patronage and revenues! We started making notes of our clients’ favourite brands as well as their size. When we receive a new inventory of clothes, we send a targeted SMS or email. We now have to order more items!
Owner of a bar :
With this management tool, it is possible for me to make notes of pertinent information for party organizers; such as student groups, office parties, baseball leagues, etc. I note the dates of their planned evenings, as well as the number of people attending. When comes the time to organize the event calendar, all I have to do is send an email to invite them to make their reservations. A lot of saved time !
Director/Hostess of a high class restaurant :
Keybook allows me to make notes of my clients’ preferences whether it be for their best drinks, wines, meals. When I am absent, on a day off or sick, the other hosts, hostesses and waiters/resses can give a super service to my regulars!
Owner of a bakery :
We have a small enterprise and do not have the budget for newspaper ads. Keybook seemed like the ideal situation. When a client orders from us, we make a note in Keybook of the pertinent information as well as the reason of the order. This way, we can send them a small note reminding them 2 to 4 weeks in advance of the event, the following year! Our clients are extremely loyal!
Ex-owner of a golf course :
I sold my golf course. It was easy to demonstrate the average of client visits because of my Keybook data base!
Scout Chief Leader :
In my group, the change of leaders occurs often. We often had to start organizing activities from the start all over everytime. When I started, Keybook was a great help. In Keybook, I found all the contact information for the members as well as notes on the past projects. We were able to improve our famous spaghetti supper which is now our #1 source of financing.

For confidentiality reasons for our clients, these testimonies are true, but the photos were added for aesthetics.

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