In order to develop loyalty with its clientele, Keybook allows businesses to do relational marketing. This means, sell more often to the same clients. With modern marketing tools (SMS, emails, diffusion lists, Web survey, etc.) Keybook can directly reach the target clients, in order to announce a promotion, a new product, a discount or an event. It is an efficient mean of developping loyalty with its clients.

General Functions

Keybook is a CRM tool (customer relation manager). Therefore, it allows :

    * data base hosting (pertinent information on your clients)
    * organization (agenda, tasks, calendar, emails)
    * direct marketing activities
    * management of business projects
    * hosting of documents (accessible everywhere via Internet)
    * management of our users (ex.: employees)

Project Management

This function allows the update of a registry of realized projects for the organization. That way, the user can note in Keybook the description of the project, the contacts related, the tasks to be done and other notes. The user can also attach documents. In other words, the enterprise saves the history of its projects, year after year, and can re-use them.

Direct Marketing Tools

Message Models :
The interface includes a bank of message models. Keybook supplies over thirty models. These messages can be modified and can be saved once optimized. (ex.: birthday wishes, excuse letters, thank you notes, promotions, etc.) It is also possible to create new ones.

Email Campaign :
It is possible in a few clicks to send an email campaign by dividing (or not) the data base. These campaigns will allow the business to advise its clientele of a new product, promotion, etc. These emails can be edited and it is possible to change the pictures or the HTML formats. When an email is ready to be sent, the message model can also be changed. The first name, last name, title or name of the business for each recipient can be easily and automatically merged.

Sending SMS :

Sending text messages (SMS) is certainly one of the strong points of Keybook. It is possible to send SMS to your clients from Keybook, using the merging of personal fields as described above. Same as with the email campaign, sending SMS allows the user to advise its clientele of a discount, a promotion, etc.

Accessibility and Security

Because of the «Web based» system, the client can use this tool anywhere there is Internet access.

  Keybook is a secured interface that allows its clients to store their data base in security. The hosting of the data is done in a secured « Data Center » and, therefore, it is impossible for the Keybook employees to have physical access to the data of its clients.

  A SSL coding makes the interactions within the interface as secured as any bank transaction.

  The ethic and professional sense of the Keybook team is defined in the User Conditions & the Confidentiality Policy.

Data Base

The contact files in Keybook can easily be optimized in order to best represent the type of client.

For example, a client in the restaurant business could add preference fields for its preferred wines, meals, comments on the service, etc.   The data base can grow in 3 different ways:

Manually :

It is possible to create in a manual manner a new contact file by collecting contact information from a client. For example, Keybook provides right from the start draft coupons allowing the business to draw a prize and to accumulate coupons containing client information.

CSV Importation :

Keybook easily allows the importation of an already existing data base. These files « .csv » are very accessible and very popular. They are found in other CRM, invoicing, Web diffusion lists and/or email lists software.

WEB Surveys :

The survey allows users to do prospection on the Web, and this without any effort. The survey is the same as the on site raffle (with the coupons), but this time, on the Web. This «inscription form» can be sent to all employees of your business via email. They can make them available on social web sites (ex: Facebook), to their personal contacts and/or organizational groups. The data base increases day by day and week by week.


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