Keybook allows :

• Hosting of your data base
organization (agenda, tasks, calendar and emails)
• Activities of direct marketing
management of business projects
• Access to data anywhere there is Internet

The mission of Keybook is to permit small and medium businesses to increase their revenues by maximising the relations with its clients.

Now days, a business needs to tighten its relations with its clients in order to insure its continuity. Competition is fierce and the high prices related to the different publicity medias make it all the more difficult. It is therefore difficult to reach its consumers in an efficient and economical way.

Keybook has developed a tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is easy to use and ideal in promoting a connection with his clients.

This software will without a doubt be an essential tool for the businesses of the future. It will become a ''key book'' for the business, where its name comes from: Keybook.

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