Keybook Solution can boast to having created a virtual prospecting tool that responds to a crying need in the market place.

Thanks to the «personalized survey tool», the user can grant access to web based contests permitting him to gather privileged information about his customers as well as his future customers.

How to gather these data? In exchange for a certain incentive, (gift certificates, discounts etc.) web surfers are willing to supply certain personal information.

*Please note that this prospecting method can be done in-house by using contest coupons and a drawing box.

Therefore, once the web surfer has registered, a contact file is automatically created in the Keybook database. The user can then utilize this information to conduct a personalized and targeted marketing campaign that will assuredly interest the recipient.

This method of web prospecting has become unavoidable. All you need to do is share the «personalized contest link» at different locations on the web and surfers will literally snatch the contest from each other while growing your database.

Gathering new contacts is made possible through:
  • Contest links on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) were millions of people find themselves each day.
  • Contest links on your organization's website.
  • Sending the «personalized survey» link by email.

With these data, the user obtains privileged information that will permit him to better know his customers and future customer’s preferences. By obtaining email addresses and cell phone numbers, it becomes easy to communicate promotions, discounts or events to them.

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