What is a CRM ?

Customer Relationship Management is a process used in order to better understand the needs of its clientele. It consists in knowing how to target, attract and keep good clients. This process allows adapting and personalizing its products and services in order to best serve the clients’ expectations. is undeniably a determining factor for success. CRM often translates through the use of specialized software.

Many big businesses in diverse industries already use this type of management. Banks are a good example. The customer service agent knows, as soon as the client enters his/her account number or slides his/her debit card in the computer, what bank services they may be interesting in, their future appointments with other employees, problems that may have occurred in the past, etc.

In this way, the people who for example, need particular attention are more satisfied of the service they receive. In the same way, if a customer keeps money in a permanent manner in their account, they will be referred to the money placement department. Many other examples of the sort could be used. Banks not only succeed in improving the satisfaction of their clientele by offering services or attentions desired, but, in fact, at the same time, banks improve their sales of financial services.

A CRM software allows better management and analysis of information in order to apply it in an optimal matter. It assists in order to:

• Better know your clientele :

Ex. : Insert notes or preferences within the client file;

• Establish a strategy related to your relations;

Ex. : Use your knowledge of clients to promote the business instead of spending it in publicity;

• Communicate efficiently;

Ex. : Targeted and indexed emails creating a history of past activities;

• Offer your clients what they really want;

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