One of the star functions of Keybook is that it allows Direct Marketing. As mentioned before: Direct Marketing is an efficient method used in order to send information within a personalized instant message. This message is forwarded to individuals or to enterprises with the idea to obtain an immediate and measurable reaction. The communication methods used in marketing are often more efficient and are generally more economical because the general costs invested are less than those used in order to reach ‘’the mass’’, the general population (ex.: television, radio, etc.)

We often find Direct
Marketing in the form of :

• addressed emails
• distribution lists (Infoletters)
• addressed mail
• fax
• Text messaging (SMS/MMS)
• Telephone.

Direct Marketing is generally used for contacting new clients or to render its clientele loyal in order to generate sales.

A bar owner could therefore directly contact via email, without any fees, his clients to let them know of an upcoming event he has organized.
When a clothing store manager makes the decision to reduce the prices in order to improve sales or to exhaust inventory, she could directly contact her clients by email, without any fees and inform her clientele of the rebates offered.

In both cases, four advantages are seen :

1-Communication is instant, costs are null;
2- The enterprise is able to directly reach the people most susceptible to be interested by its promotion (its clients);
3- These people can transfer this information to others who may be interested (what is called viral marketing);
4- The objectives (improve sales or exhaust stock) are then reached.

In the end, the enterprise was more efficient, at a lesser cost, for business exploitation activity and for marketing.


Targeted Direct Marketing

In fact, the software allows the division of clients. In that way :

   1. the clients in the data base that do not want this information, will not receive it, they will therefore not be disturbed by the mailing.

   2. the clients that wish to receive the information will be happy to receive it. There will be more of a chance that they will go, and more likely, to become loyal clients, and this, once again, at a low cost.

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