Keybook allows small and medium businesses to increase their revenues by maximizing their client relations.
- The consumption and communication habits change
- Internet and SMS are more popular than ever

A few approximate numbers :
- 87% of the population has an Internet connection
- More than 200 million users on Facebook
- 70% of the population own a cellular
- Millions of SMS are sent each day

The Keybook platform is extremely easy to use. The icons, the menus and the layout make browsing and using the software very intuitive. It is therefore possible for anyone to use it, because very little computer knowledge is required for its function.

The software is also available at all times, via Internet. You will therefore have access to it wherever a connection is available. The software will be accessible to many members of your enterprise which encourages cooperation.
Are you really able to calculate your return on investments made in the marketing campaigns of the traditional medias?

With a simple click and adapted communication means, Keybook will permit the automation of direct marketing campaigns in order to reach your clients or a portion of your clients, defined by you, in a much more economical matter compared to traditional medias. The marketing budgets are therefore spent in an optimal manner. It is equally possible to do a constant verification of the evolution of your marketing campaigns with the Keybook tools.

You will therefore be able to make better decisions in order to maximize your investments in the most profitable means.
Keybook will allow you to better know your clientele and will help support you in your decision making by having a 360° vision and insure:

120° The continuity of the business:
Keybook allows the increase of information on a data base for the business. You will therefore be able to be proactive in your strategic choices in business orientation, events or other. The software also allows you to note each step of a project or a task, in order to assemble what could become a user manual for the enterprise.

120° Knowledge of the preferences and choices:
Knowledge of preferences and choices: The purchase habits, the preferences as well as the anterior purchases are listed in the interface Keybook. This allows a better knowledge of your clients.

120° Awareness and motivation:
The consumer becomes aware of the commercial offer via email, mail, SMS, phone call or fax. All of these activities can be managed by Keybook. The consumer is motivated to see the product through a promotion, an event or even by a simple lure to the product/service.

Even if all information is saved on the host site of Keybook, please note that the data is at all times the property of the user. The user has all the rights concerning this data and it stays confidential. At the end of the service, the data will be transmitted to the user by email in a standard format.

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